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A Different Way to Receive

When I talk about receiving, most people immediately go to the place of receiving gifts, money, or attention, for free!

Today I want to share another way to think about receiving.

Sometimes there is a great offer, whether it’s in your life, business, or career. There is a cost associated with it. For example, someone offered a virtual assistance service to you at an hourly rate.

We don’t think of that as a “gift” because we have to pay for it.

Therefore, saying yes to a service like that, we don’t think of it as receiving.

What if money isn’t a cost? Instead, what if money is a form of appreciation?

Imagine all the things a virtual assistant can provide for you – extra time to do what you love, extra time to spend with your loved ones, peace of mind, reduced frustration not having to do things you dread… I can go on and on.

Before you think about the cost of all that, just think about what you get.

Isn’t it a great gift to get time and peace?

If you can think of money as a form of appreciation, then someone offering a service at a cost could be a gift. What if I’m not paying for a service, I’m giving money in return as a form of appreciation for the gift that I have received.

What got me thinking about all this was an actual offer from a friend. She knows me, my values, and my business very well. She’s not a social media expert, but last week she offered to help (at an hourly rate of course.)

I’ve been looking for someone to outsource social media marketing for a while. But I couldn’t do it, because I haven’t found someone who knows me and my essence well enough. There are a lot of social media experts out there, and them offering to help is just business, not exactly a gift. But from this particular friend, it is a gift because she knows me, and I won’t have to spend hours (or weeks) explaining to her who I am or what I do.

Yes I did have moments of doubt questioning if I can afford it. But when I checked in with myself, I realized this is what I’ve been looking for, for a very long time. She is answering a silent prayer, and I have to step up to receive that with appreciation in return.

Is there something you’ve been looking for in your life?

It may be right in front of you all along, with a cost associated with it. Don’t overlook those “gifts” that don’t come for free. It may be a message from the universe telling you to step up, commit, and show some appreciation if you really really want it. 😉

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