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This blog is a combination of short and sometimes longer posts. This is where you'll find resources and ideas around emotional healing, mindset change, and conscious everyday living, with lots of real life stories from the lives of real people (don't worry, they gave permission and we don't name names)!

They may be wonderful, half-finished, thought-provoking, random, life-changing, or just simply entertaining. 

The first half of this year has gone by in the blink of an eye. And within a short crazy month of June, I’ve heard and experienced more losses than I wanted to. I’m taking a moment in this post to acknowledge all the losses of this year, family and friends. If you have experienced […]

Life in Perspective

August 2, 2019

Have you ever wished that you had known something years ago, and your life would be totally different now? As I continue to dive into my journey as an interior designer, I fall more deeply in love with it everyday. When I sat in the business development workshop in the past 2 days with other […]

How to Stop Wishing You Had Known It Years Ago

April 27, 2019

We love to ask why! We just love that question. Why did that happen? Why me? Why can’t I ….? Why wouldn’t he/she…? I can keep going for days asking why’s. A friend recently told me that she has a lot of anxiety after having a baby. She said “I’m worried and anxious all the […]

How to Recover from Getting Stuck in the WHY

April 5, 2019

Air travel can get so stressful, from long security lines to not getting overhead space to not getting the perfect seat. I visited Sedona for the first time this weekend (which was magical,) and flew home on Southwest. If you know the SW model, you don’t get an assigned seat. Your boarding order depends on […]

Advice for More Pleasant Air Travel Experiences

April 2, 2019

This little note from the Universe arrived at my inbox today. It really hit home for me as a reminder to pause and notice I am (already) living the pinch me life.  “It’s not as if one day you’ll just look down, Mandy, and discover that you’re on the yellow brick road, living the life […]

Take a Pause, Take a Look, and Discover You’re Already on the Yellow Brick Road

March 29, 2019

Hubby was so angry today… at the light switch! The electrician forgot to put it in, and hubby has taken it on. But hours later he was defeated, the light switch won. 🤕 When I asked him what’s next, the most amazing thing happened… He said: “I don’t have confidence that I can make this […]

What Are You Afraid to Own?

March 22, 2019