Creating My Own Happy Place -

Creating My Own Happy Place

Today I did my final presentation and graduated from an intensive Interior Design program that took over my life the past couple months. There were cheers, congrats, even chocolate and champagne  to celebrate.



Yet, it felt anti-climatic. I always knew this was going to come — that when I finally “achieved” this goal, I would immediately jump to the next goal and this euphoria would last about 5 minutes. 

But today I realized something I’ve been denying for a while (maybe decades): I loooooove school. The experience of being in school just made me happy. I felt alive, and honestly it almost didn’t matter what I was learning and whether it’ll be useful or not, I just loved the experience of learning something new.

It was my happy place, more so than a vacation.

The anti-climatic feeling didn’t come from a “now what” reaction. It came from knowing I will miss being in school where I can fully indulge and live in that learning bubble. 

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a walk in the park. I was working my butt off and losing sleep over a lot of things, but it was also one of the happiest times of my life. I know that sounds kinda sick, but hey! Everyone has a different happy place. You may like the beach, and I like school. 

This makes me think 🤔 what if I can create this bubble for myself all the time?

What if I just allow myself to take random classes a couple times a month? 

What’s your bubble? Maybe it doesn’t have to be a long vacation or at the beach. What mini bubbles can you create for yourself that makes you happy? 

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