How to Stop the "I Can't Afford That" Pattern -

How to Stop the “I Can’t Afford That” Pattern

“I can’t afford that.”

What if you can afford anything you want? 

I recommended coaching to a woman who’s been struggling with the separation from her husband for over a year.

She said: “I’m not rich, I can’t afford that.” 

A lot of people have this assumption that people do certain things because they can afford them, otherwise they are being irresponsible. If they can afford to go on vacations every year, they have money. If they can afford to eat out, they have money. If they can afford to do coaching, they are rich. 

I can go on for days with these “if this, then that” conclusions, but you get the idea and you probably have your own set of conclusions. 

These conclusions are usually subconscious and they have lived with us for so long that we don’t even see them any more. 

This weekend I delved deep into my own life and my own set of money conclusions. 

I realized that for the most part I hide my life from people, because I don’t want to be judged by these conclusions. 

The result of that is I wasn’t fully owning how freaking awesome my life is, and I wasn’t fully enjoying it. 

I travel a lot, not because I’m rich. I travel because it feeds my soul. 

I have worked with coaches for a decade now (trust me that’s a lot of money spent on coaching and workshops,) not because  I’m rich. I get coaching because it gives me a sense of freedom and peace that I haven’t experienced before. 

I created a non-profit, not because I’m rich. I did it because it brings me so much joy to go into business with my best friend and work with the most amazing people I know. 

What most people see is that I’m provided for and I can afford to do whatever I want. 

What they don’t see is I am way richer in the satisfaction of my life, than I am in my wallet. 

I realized in order for me to own and enjoy how amazing my life really is, I need to own that it is a result of my choices. Good, bad, ugly, they were all mine. 

I live a pinch me life because I have made one choice after another to live a life without regrets. I chose over and over again to do the things that will make me say “yes I want to wake up tomorrow and do this all over again.” 

I travel, get coaching, get massages not because “I can afford them.” I do them because they feed me, and I choose to do them. 

The idea of I can or cannot afford something is very limiting, as if you don’t have a choice. And that mentality is often validated by the reality of “I can’t afford it.”

The more you think that, the more you limit what you can afford. 

If you want to change the pattern of “I can’t afford it,” you have to stop buying into it and believing that it’s real. 

What if… whether you can or cannot afford it isn’t the point? 

What if… you switch it to “I don’t want to do that?” 

What if… you own “I prefer to spend my money on something else.” 

What if… you own that you have the power to choose? 

Looking back at your own life, what choices can you own? What parts of your life you can see is a result of your choices? Maybe it wasn’t because you can’t afford it, it was because you chose something else over it.

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