How to Stop Wishing You Had Known It Years Ago -

How to Stop Wishing You Had Known It Years Ago

Have you ever wished that you had known something years ago, and your life would be totally different now?

As I continue to dive into my journey as an interior designer, I fall more deeply in love with it everyday. When I sat in the business development workshop in the past 2 days with other interior designers who have been in business for 15-20 years, I wish I had known this and started 20 years ago.

As it turned out, I have been getting ready to do this for 20 years! Because 20 years ago…

  • I didn’t have the same relationship or appreciation that I have for interior design now.
  • I thought interior design is superficial and impractical, it’s all about the fancy pretty things.
  • I thought interior design is only for the super rich and it is something extravagant that normal people don’t do.
  • Most importantly, I didn’t understand the impact the physical space can have on our overall well-being.

My healing and coaching experience helped me realize how important it is to have a sanctuary, where we can clear our minds and restore ourselves. Most people think of that as going to a retreat, something they do once a year, maybe even less.

But for me, this sanctuary is my home. People asked me if New York City was too much for me. It wasn’t, because I had the sanctuary that was my home. I got recharged on a daily basis so the chaos outside didn’t drain me.

It took me years to understand, practice, and finally embody that practice as a coach.

Without that experience, a room is just a room.

It is my experience in the past 20 years that allows me to see the potential of a room, and be able to turn it into a sanctuary that nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

Next time, when you have a moment of regret and wish that you have known or done something years ago, remind yourself:

You wouldn’t be able to know or do it now if you didn’t spend all those years getting yourself ready. 😉  

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