Advice for More Pleasant Air Travel Experiences -

Advice for More Pleasant Air Travel Experiences

Air travel can get so stressful, from long security lines to not getting overhead space to not getting the perfect seat. I visited Sedona for the first time this weekend (which was magical,) and flew home on Southwest. If you know the SW model, you don’t get an assigned seat. Your boarding order depends on how quickly you can hit “Check-in” on your phone 24 hours before the flight time, which 100% dictates your seat option and overhead bin space. 

I was half an hour late clicking on Check-in (which is very late for SW travelers standard.) The hubby always questioned why I don’t pay to check in early in order to get what I want. 

My answer… is about to show you my woo-woo-ness. I have had unexplainably good luck when it comes to air travel. I am away from home about 3 months out of the year, and with all that traveling, I was forced to check my luggage due to lack of overhead bin once in the past 2 years. I sometimes get flight delayed, but there was really nothing major enough for me to remember. I didn’t have status with any airline, and I didn’t get to board early ever. 

So how did that happen? Honestly, I can’t say for sure. But my woo-woo side says it was my magical crystals with good juju. You can also believe it’s just my luck, but I think these crystals are making it effortless for me to create the reality that I want. 

I usually carry a bag of crystals with me traveling, and my airport experiences have been mostly smooth. This particular trip, I brought with me some crystals from Sedona where it was supposed to have some powerful vortex energy. The end result was extra special – I got a really good aisle seat in the front of the plane, plenty of overhead bin, and I was probably in the last 20% of the people boarding. 

So my woo-woo advice is, bring some crystals with you traveling, it might make your experience smoother with less anxiety. And my practical advice, get TSA precheck. 🙂 

P.S: Specifically, these are the stones I carry with me: Citrine, Blue Kyanite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye.

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