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Upcoming retreats & workshops

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Peace and calm is a state of being, not another thing for you to do. 

Retreats and classes are the perfect opportunities for you to reset your mind, body, and soul, so you can physically experience what it's like to feel peace and calm.

Once you embody the feelings, you can bring them home and find them among the chaos. 

Upcoming retreats & workshops


When: Sept 18-23, 2020
Where: Beautiful Costa Rica

On this retreat, you will: 
• Recognize what gets in the way of you being your most brilliant self
• Heal the wounds from anyone who has tried to dim your light
• Clear the obstacles that prevent you from shining your brilliance  
• Restore yourself and become available to insights that come with slowing down
• Get clarity on who it is you most want to be and how to stay that way

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find your center retreat - portland area

When: TBD 2020
Where: Within 2 hours drive of Portland area 

On this weekend retreat, you will: 
• Restore yourself through deep relaxation and rejuvenation. 
• Discover the habits and beliefs that keep you in the cycle of stress and chaos. 
• Clear the obstacles that get in the way of you feeling relaxed and calm. 
• Get clarity around the life you want and see new possibilities. 
• Learn to create a physical environment that supports you in living and enjoying your life.
• Create a plan to maintain your mental and emotional well-being. 
• Have the confidence that you can experience more zen, on a daily basis!

Retreat includes: 
• 2 nights accommodation, private or shared bedroom
• 3 healthy meals a day
• Restorative Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) practice
• Healing sessions 
• Relaxation time 
• Intimate setting of a maximum of 10 people 

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Sharon - Tempe, AZ

Kira - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Ann-Marie - Boston, MA

It wasn’t until I worked with Mandy to release my fears and beliefs, that I have now been able to have more compassion for myself. This experience has provided a lightness and space that wasn't there before. 

I had blocks around my success and a subtle self-doubt that has been with me since childhood. I had an incredible breakthrough after the work I did with Mandy!

In less than 50 minutes, I had managed a huge breakthrough! I was able to reframe a situation that has bothered me for years and leave the session with a completely different outlook.

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