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You want a life where you feel in control. Where the chaos doesn’t hold you hostage and you can feel confident and free to move forward with life. 

You’re ready for a life with more peace and calm.
More confidence. More clarity. More joy. 

A life where you can turn the mental and emotional fogginess into clarity, and transform the physical chaos to bring back the best version of you. 

Maybe it's the weight fluctuations in your body, the closets you don't want to open in your house, the mental fogginess that prevents you from taking actions, or the emotional swings that take you out of the moment.

You’ve been  avoiding them, living with them, just putting up with them! 

You can't see an end to it, and all you want is space so you are able to breathe again.

Real life is messy. Chaos is the natural tendency. 

there is chaos everywhere

And you don't have to put up with them anymore! 

Book A Life Clarity Consultation

I tend to ignore that piece of myself where I believe I’m not good enough. Giving it the attention on the call with Mandy has already caused it to start to shift. 

Candace - Oakland, CA

Do any of these describe where you’re at right now?

Dealing with emotional ups and downs triggered by events from your daily life

Internal conflict, self-sacrificing, anxious, stressed, lack of confidence and/or feelings of hypocrisy

Feeling overwhelmed by your physical environment and can't seem to get a handle on it

Working really hard to find patience in yourself, sometimes there just isn't any left

Difficult relationships with family, friends, colleagues or romantic partners

Seemingly immovable mental blocks, and recurring limiting beliefs or patterns

Exhausted, burnt out, tired, really wish you can just get away for a few days to recharge yourself 

Living a pattern of putting yourself last, often there's no energy or time left to pay attention to yourself

Now imagine what it Might feel like to move past them...

Hi, I’m Mandy

I’m here to take you from a place of chaos, stress, and overwhelm, to one of peace and joy from whatever’s been weighing you down.

After you work with me, you’ll experience the sense of freedom and clarity you need to move forward and live your life purpose.

You’ll not only declutter your physical, mental, and emotional spaces, but you’ll be ready to stand in your power and take charge of your present and future like the amazing individual you are.

As a result of our work together, you'll...

Free yourself from the mindset and emotional blocks that are currently weighing on you 

Live life with intention, mindfulness, and confidence, without panicking that you’ll “screw everything up"

Be amazed that you got results so quickly, without having to get every details perfectly right

Feel like you’ve flipped the script and transformed how you look at the world and situations around you

As I was releasing, Mandy said everything I needed to hear and breathed with me. she made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my process.

Leilani - boulder, CO

Here's what we do

When you get a package of one-on-one life clarity sessions, you get a commitment from me to be there for you every step of the way. Each session, including the very first one, is designed to leave you feeling lighter immediately. 

In the first session, we will dive into the challenges you want to work on. We will explore possibilities where you feel constraints and limitations. And then we will create a plan together that will get you the results in a most efficient and effective way. 

Deep Dive exploration

Mind over matter. If you can't imagine it in your mind, you won't be able to create it in your life.

Together, we’ll work to identify the experiences and memories that have been weighing on you -- and then release them with a grateful and open heart.
You'd be surprised at how quick the healing process can be, as if a vacuum has swept in and sucked up all the clutter that had built up over the years. You’ll finish each session feeling the space that had opened up inside you, allowing you to approach whatever you’re facing with fresh energy and attitude.

Mental & Emotional Decluttering

The clutter may be in your home, office, car, or even your body. There are usually multiple aspects to your physical environment that can use more zen, and we will tackle them all.

Next, we will re-design your physical environments from the inside out. We are not looking for perfection. Not every corner in your home needs to be organized and pristine, you just need a place to breathe.

Using my expertise in interior design, home staging, and organization, we will create spaces in your life that can be sanctuaries to refuel you, balance you, and give back what you put out into the world. 

Physical Decluttering & Re-Designing

Executable Plan & Practical Tools

You’ll end your sessions by receiving personalized exercises, practices, and strategies that feels easy to implement. 

These will be customized to help you handle whatever life challenges you’re dealing with right now, and to support you as you transition out of old habits. 

You’ll feel 100% supported, with specific resources to put to use, a plan of action to guide you, and email support from Mandy. 

Book A Life Clarity Consultation

life clarity packages

3 months personal attention

6 x 55 min coaching sessions

Focuses on clearing your emotional, mental, and physical clutters

Unlimited email support 

Emergency text and call

Decluttering Package

Life Re-design Package

Designed to focus on simplifying and decluttering your emotional, mental, and physical spaces. 


Designed to declutter and consciously create a support plan to help you maintain peace and calm. 


6 months personal attention

12 x 55 min coaching sessions

First half focuses on decluttering, while second half focuses on re-desiging your life

Customized plan to maintain your emotional, mental, and physical well-being

Unlimited email support 

Emergency text and call 

* Coaching sessions will be conducted via phone or video conference. In person session can be arranged locally, travel fees apply outside of Portland metro area. 

Let’s get started

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation life clarity consultation call.  You can do that right here.

Step 2. At the time of your consult, we’ll get on the phone and have a chat. We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 3. Then we’ll get going! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or we aren’t an ideal fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. Either way, we'll get you started on the road to more peace and calm in your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy?
No, these sessions work differently to traditional talk therapy, and I’m not a professional therapist. However, I do use healing methods (such as the Sedona Method) that are used by some therapists in my sessions.

I want and need more peace in my life, but I cannot commit financially at this point. Are there any other options?
Yes. If money is the only obstacle to to you getting more peace and calm today, please schedule a consultation call with me. I do offer other do-it-yourself options that are more affordable, and we will find the best option for you to start with. 

Can I try one session before committing to a package?
If you've never worked with me before, I generally start off with a package with new clients. There is usually more to the story than you think. One session is just not enough time to dig deep enough and get the results you (or I) want. My experience is that my clients are a lot more satisfied with the long term results by doing at least three sessions, so they can truly dig into what they want to work on.

How many sessions do people usually need before they start seeing results?
Most people feel noticeably better after the first session. However, you may have multiple things you need to work through, and this may need to be spaced out over several sessions. The most common number of sessions that clients have is between six to twelve sessions.

Email me at with further queries.


Sharon - Tempe, AZ

Kira - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Amy - New York, NY

Joselyn - The Bronx, NY

Ann-Marie - Boston, MA

I initially saw quitting my job as the only option. Instead, I was able to transform my job so it works for me. Mandy is intuitive, insightful, supportive and calls me on my shit.

It wasn’t until I worked with Mandy to release my fears and beliefs, that I have now been able to have more compassion for myself. This experience has provided a lightness and space that wasn't there before. 

I had blocks around my success and a subtle self-doubt that has been with me since childhood. I had an incredible breakthrough after the work I did with Mandy!

With just one session I feel like a deep inner block has been lifted in a way I never thought of doing on my own. 

In less than 50 minutes, I had managed a huge breakthrough! I was able to reframe a situation that has bothered me for years and leave the session with a completely different outlook.

So you can finally enjoy your life with more zen


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