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This blog is a combination of short and sometimes longer posts. This is where you'll find resources and ideas around emotional healing, mindset change, and conscious everyday living, with lots of real life stories from the lives of real people (don't worry, they gave permission and we don't name names)!

They may be wonderful, half-finished, thought-provoking, random, life-changing, or just simply entertaining. 

The first half of this year has gone by in the blink of an eye. And within a short crazy month of June, I’ve heard and experienced more losses than I wanted to. I’m taking a moment in this post to acknowledge all the losses of this year, family and friends. If you have experienced […]

Life in Perspective

August 2, 2019

A very interesting problem happened today. I finally started using a high tech bluetooth earbud for my phone, and it’s been amazing. I don’t have to worry about the wire or carry my phone every step of the way. But guess what… I got so comfortable using it today that I couldn’t find my phone […]

Unexpected Hi-Tech Problem

May 5, 2019

When I talk about receiving, most people immediately go to the place of receiving gifts, money, or attention, for free! Today I want to share another way to think about receiving. Sometimes there is a great offer, whether it’s in your life, business, or career. There is a cost associated with it. For example, someone […]

A Different Way to Receive

May 2, 2019

Have you ever wished that you had known something years ago, and your life would be totally different now? As I continue to dive into my journey as an interior designer, I fall more deeply in love with it everyday. When I sat in the business development workshop in the past 2 days with other […]

How to Stop Wishing You Had Known It Years Ago

April 27, 2019

I’ve spent my day at a business development workshop for interior designers. It’s business development, and it’s for interior designer, it all seems unrelated to healing and coaching and this blog. But this is life, and everything is truly related. She said something that was primarily around business, but it hit me in all aspects […]

Take Your Power Back With This One Thought

April 25, 2019

Reality check day!  I knew I was exhausted, but I can usually keep pushing. Today is the last day prior to my week-long vacation where I’ll have no internet. I had a million things to get done. And 5 snoozes on my alarm later, I simply could not get out of bed. Even my supernatural […]

Are You Exhausted?!

April 12, 2019